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March. I can, with great confidence, declare March as my least favorite month. (Though, to be fair, if you had asked me last month what my least favorite was…)


Winter time Polaroids. A friend also bough an old-school disposable camera. I think we’re on a “one shot, you can’t retake it” photo trend these days.

I say say I like living in a temperate climate. I say I like four seasons and the changes that occur during and between them. I say this, I really do, from about mid-April up until the beginning of November. Once the leaves fall and the chill settles in, however, it’s like the whole world withdraws and hibernates.


Sometimes trains run out of seats. When you’re trying to hightail it back to your cozy apartment, you make do.

And it’s not just the lack of colorful scenery. It’s that impatient feeling I get waiting for the sun to stay out longer and for the cold air to break just long enough for me to believe we’re not all stuck in an endless winter. And winter is always looooong.

So what’s a girl to do to beat back the winter time blues, the blistering wind, and a ever growing desire to just pack it all up and move to South America?

  • Catch up on sleep. I think I’ve slept more 7-8 hour nights in the past month than I have ever at any time.
  • Netflix binge. I haven’t even watched a television series, let alone binged on one, since Game of Throne last season. In other words, it’s been forever. For this very special occasion, I chose House of Cards. Without getting into to too much of anything, can someone PLEASE tell me why it’s impossible for there to be faithful marriages in any prime time television series?
  • Buy a summertime-appropriate camera. I settled on a Diana mini. I’ve wanted a Diana or a Holga for a while for those long afternoons spent out and about.
  • Bake. Or attempt to. And by “attempt to” I mean purchase a convection oven and let it sit there and collect dust for a few weeks. I solemnly swear to myself I will use this next week. Let’ see how the whole “Fahrenheit to Celsius” business goes.
  • Eat chocolate. Every once in a great while, I’ll buy a bag of white chocolate chips and eat it within 2 days. This happened this week. It was delightful. And I know white chocolate isn’t real chocolate. But it’s delicious and creamy.
  • Read. I’m currently reading The Book Thief after a grand failed attempt at reading Lolita. I just couldn’t get past the “middle aged man is infatuated with a 12 year old” hump. Just couldn’t.

Is all of this helping? I’d like to say yes. But I’d much rather it just be a more bearable (read:warm) temperature all year round so that this list is unnecessary. But, whatever, I like living in temperate climates.