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Honestly, sometimes living in Korea is akin to living under a rock, especially when it comes up to discovering new music. In the past several months, the only English songs I’ve heard playing out in public were Ylvis “The Fox” and “Let it Go” from Frozen.

While I count my ipod among my most treasured possessions, I’ve been craving something new. Fortunately, my job involves me sitting at my computer for hours. When left to my own devices, I more often than not find myself in the midst of a YouTube Black Hole.  You know those times when you start looking for old No Reservations episodes and somehow end up watching videos of pugs falling over. Or something like that. How did I spend 3 hours doing this?

Other times, you hit the YouTube jackpot. As was the case a few weeks ago when I discovered Kodaline, an indie-rock band from Ireland (correct me if I’m wrong). Anyway, this band is set to be my go to this summer, and I’m very pleased.