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“Of course, I’m being rude. I’m spoiling the ending, not only of the entire book, but of this particular piece of it. I have given you two events in advance, because I don’t have much interest in building mystery. Mystery bores me. It chores me. I know what happens and so do you. It’s the machinations that wheel us there that aggravate, perplex, interest, and astound me. There are many things to think of. There is much story.”

   I finished reading The Book Thief last night. My heart is tired of having its strings pulled constantly. I keep telling myself I’m going to choose a more light-hearted book next time. In all honesty, I didn’t know a thing about the premise of this novel when I started. You can imagine a lot of things about a story when it has a title such as The Book Thief. So, I dove head-first into it. 

   On the the next novel I suppose.