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It’s a hazy Friday evening, and I’m currently bundled up in my bed, still wearing my dress from the day. This week felt particularly hectic. Maybe I was feeling all of the pent up wintertime energy finally being released. I spent way more time outdoors, and the weather is consistently warm now.  

    This time of year is always exciting. It’s in between the defrosting winter and the fully blooming Spring. I’m actually currently between an exhausting week and a soon to be exhausting weekend. Let’s just say it involves a 3am wake up call one morning. Yes, so I’m reveling in this moment of rest.

   I feel like I’m also in between feelings of excitement. I’m starting to feel a little stir crazy; apparently too much routine slowly drives me mad. I’m tentatively planning a summer getaway (Vietnam hopefully!), and until it’s settled officially, it’s going to be on my mind, nonstop.


A blurry iphone photo of a more exciting moment in life. Tea in Las Vegas. Feed me a scone, and I’m a happy lady.

   It’s something to work on, I suppose. To stop considering more mundane moments in life as ‘in between’. I feel like I’m constantly counting down to one event or another. Ideally, I’d like to be more present, and focus on the life in front of me. So here I am, on my computer, relishing in the simplicity of typing away to the sounds of Trevor Hall. I’m simultaneously eating peanut butter from the jar. I can multi task when it counts. And I’m thinking, even when life isn’t jumping out of my seat exciting, it’s still pretty spectacular.