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I had an entire post typed up about my food philosophy, but for fear of sounding too preachy, I decided to edit down. Way way down.

So I’ll just skip most of it and get to the part where I talk about how I tried cutting things out of my diet for no reason or result at all.

There are people out there who will say things along the lines of “I used to be addicted to sugar. Then I cut it out of my diet. After an unpleasant detox, I feel SO much better. I have so much energy now, and my skin has never looked better. If I even have a bite of a sugary dessert, it’s way too sweet.”


I am not that person.

I cut out sugar for approximately 3.5 months. I felt no change. I felt the same exact way when I cut out dairy for 2 months. And I feel the same way about a month and a half into living a coffee and alcohol free lifestyle.

At some point in my sugar-free phase, I simply decided “I like sugar” and started eating it again to little fanfare. And I still eat it now. It’s delightful. Life is (literally) much sweeter. Dried fruit, chocolate chip muffins, and tiramisu. Here’s to eating everything.