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We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Some people have an ear for music. Others are naturally great with directions. And some people just cannot for the life of them get a plant to grow and stay alive. The only time I ever talk about my ‘strengths’ is at job interviews, so let’s take a moment to talk about a weakness. And no it’s not my inability to say no to any dessert ever.

I’m physically incapable of doing my hair properly. It may sound silly and shallow, and it is. But let’s consider the fact that I have been applying heat to my hair in an attempt to style it for about 10 years now. 10 years! At this point, I like to tell myself it’s the lack of patience, that yes I could totally give myself beautifully coiffed curls if I tried. I mean, with YouTube and Pinterest and who knows how many beauty blogs out there, I could definitely learn at least one, simple go-to style.

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The offending hair. Included: copious amounts of hair mousse.

Alas, the past 10 years, my lack of interest in learning to work a curling iron, and one too many burn marks, has resulted in my own personal style and technique. Turn on the curling iron. Let it heat up. Mercilessly wrap your hair around it in various volumes and curl it. (Unevenly and in different directions.) You can imagine how well this worked with the wand that everybody swore was the easiest hot tool to manage. Spoiler alert: I looked like a sad poodle.

The heat in Tokyo did nothing to help my case. Humidity is no one's friend.

The heat in Tokyo did nothing to help my case. Humidity is no one’s friend.

Yes, so over the years I’ve learned to embrace the messy hair look. It’s sort of become my thing. Sort of.