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I’m currently sitting in a coffee shop in possibly the most comfy chair ever. If I didn’t have to be somewhere in 30 minutes I’d stay here all afternoon. I naturally have pretty bad posture, and I keep trying to correct it. This chair is ideal for slouching haha. But alas, I can only lounge around momentarily whilst sipping overly sweet and milky tea. Darn.


Sometimes I forget that I live in a valley.

This blog post is also coming from my phone which has led me to take note of how incredibly terrible I am at typing on phones. Thank goodness for auto correct.



Mmm nutrition..

I also did a sampling of the goodies this establishment provides. I had an oatmeal cookie that was less classic oatmeal raisin and more butter cookie from the round blue tub. What are those called? I also had a “nutrition bar” whatever that means. It certainly tasted less buttery and wonderful than the oatmeal butter cookie. I guess you can’t have everything.Image