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Saturday wasn’t my greatest day. The weather was still a bit cool, and I wasn’t feeling well for various reasons. So, I spent most of my day indoors and more precisely, in bed. And while lazy weekends are a nice contrast to overly busy weekdays, after a few hours, I actually felt worse for wasting a day. As a result, I dragged myself out of beds, threw on an outfit, and made my way out into the sunshine.


Walking and selfie-ing. I’m nothing if not a multi tasker.

And just in time. It was beautiful out. Apparently, what started as a dreary morning actually developed into a rather lovely afternoon. I took a walk on the campus near my apartment, and took in the beautiful colors. There were a few people out walking around, but for the most part, I had the entire place to myself. It was really uplifting, and I did feel much better.


Spring flowers! The university to really great with planting colorful flora.

On Sunday, I decided to act in direct contrast to my hermit-like Saturday and spent nearly every waking moment out and with others. After having a nice lunch with my closest guy friends, we just spent a few hours wandering around. We drank milkshakes, played board games, and just … hung out. It felt nice and normal after such a long winter (I will admit to being a bit of a recluse during the colder months).


This weekend made me really excited for the warmer months, and it felt really renewing. With a few long weekends coming up and longer hours of sunlight (not to mention a very exciting vacation), I’m feeling good.


Settlers of Catan: The 1st time I played this game. I’m pretty sure it exists just to infuriate me.