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I’d like to graciously thank the weather gods for this dreamy Spring. Daegu, the city I live in, is an enormous valley. And while this is lovely in terms of scenery and hiking, it’s a nightmare weather-wise. I’m told the valley traps heat, and I believe it. The summers are sweltering, and as soon as you step outside, the air weighs down heavily along with the strong rays of sun. It’s some serious stuff. Ask anyone in this city or even the entire country and they’ll tell you that Daegu summers are zero fun for everyone. It doesn’t help that they start in April and last until October.  I’m only sort of joking.


I spend my entire Sunday at the park and have the tan lines to prove it.


This year, Spring has stretched out all the way to the end of May. I’ve been spending a lot of time out of doors, and fortunately for this blog that means I’ve been taking more photos. I sold my Nikon D3000 with plans of buying a Canon 600D, but that was before I sold an arm, a leg, and my soul for a plane ticket to Paris. So in the mean time, bear with my iPhone photos that I only occasionally remember to slap a filter over.


Delicious strawberries. I think I inhaled this entire bowl in about 3 minutes.


I’ve been eating more fruits and veggies (yay!) lately, and a fair share of ice cream. Apparently ice cream is the new trend this summer because in the past 2 weeks I’ve counted no less than 6 new establishments in 2 neighborhoods alone. Which is fine, bring on the ice cream Korea. But please, stop charging me $20 for a watermelon and $16 for a cantaloupe.  


Honey Queens and Ice Lab are two ice cream shops right next to each other.