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I spent most of this past weekend out of the house. On Saturday, I went to a small gathering at the park. I really adore weekends at the park because it’s such a lively atmosphere. I’m a sucker for  Korean babies. I think they look like little dolls, and the parents here usually dress their children in the most stylish outfits. There’s something about a blazer-wearing toddler driving around in a mini Audi…


Anyway, the weekend was beautiful, and a few brave children decided to play with the large group of foreigners. We played with various balls, played a few rounds of Cards Against Humanity (my personal favorite), and just enjoyed the gorgeous weather. For some reason, lazing around under the sun seems more productive than laying around watching Netflix for hours.


Rock Paper Scissors (Rock Scissors Paper?) solves a wide range of problems here including but not limited to: arguments, deciding who gets to do something first, and political elections

This weekend I also caught the new X Men modvie. It was a really exciting, edge of your seat, good time movie. There are some movies that I feel like I need to watch in theaters, and this was definitely one of them. To be honest, even though I’ve seen every movie and used to watch various X Men television shows as a kid, I can never keep up with who’s who and who has what powers. I just know in my heart that Storm is amazing and so is Michael Fassbender’s jaw. Too bad his character is such a grouch.