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“I present very good you don’t love me”

“I am very very very very …. very very miz-er-ahb-leh (miserable?)”

“Hello! How are you? My name is Gonzalez.”

“Yesterday…I go to… uh.. my grandmother’s house.”

“I like meat.”

“My name is … Phantom.”


“He looks like monkey”

“Teacha I am very hand-eh-some. Candy please.”



So yes, English is still a struggle for these kiddies. It’s okay though. I find everything that comes out of their mouths adorably endearing. It’s easy to be hard on them (“You’ve been studying English since you were 5?!”). But bear in mind, English is difficult. Also, they’ve had multi-national teachers. Imagine learning pronunciation from a teacher from the US and then two months later you have a new teacher from Australia, and then Scotland, and then Canada, and then Ireland and THEN South Africa. I’m dating an Irishman and sometimes I have a hard enough time deciphering his words…

Image(For some reason the caption option isn’t working)^^^ I call my students my Army of Minions. Yellow gym uniforms make this easy.

I’d also like to state my opinion that learning Korean is hard. My language skills are pitiable, and I can say enough to barely get by. I’ve been taking classes, but the language just isn’t clicking. It makes me laugh to think of that time I took a semester of Russian and thought that was the hardest thing ever. Linguists of the world, you have my utmost respect.