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I visited the doctor (twice!) yesterday. He told me that I have too much stress in my life and that I need tor rest and relax more.  Considering the fact that I’m like the human version of Pusheen the Cat, I’d have to beg to differ.  Sure, I deal with about 150 different students every day, but I think I have it pretty easy. But in the name of good health, I’ll try to take it easier.

In order to calm my apparently overworked self, I decided to start compiling lists of things I really really enjoy. Here’s the first batch.



1.)  Savages by Don Winslow – This was a bizarre book, and I read it immediately after finishing Eat Pray Love. So goodbye feelings of wanderlust and self-improvement and hello feelings of omg what just happened?

2.) Innis Free Nail Polish – I’m terrible at doing my nails as I always end up smudging at least one nail within 5 minutes of finishing painting. This nail polish goes on fairly smoothly and dries quickly which is important for me. I’m a fan of the pink shades.

3.) Holes by Louis Sacher – I had my 6th grade book club read this (or at least attempt to. It’s obviously way advanced for esl learners) and now we’re watching the movie. This is how I will always imagine Shia Labeouf.

4.) Buddy Holly – I’ve been randomly listening to a lot of Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Honestly, I’ve always enjoyed his music, but lately his upbeat sweetly naive tunes have been really hitting the spot so to speak. At this actual moment, I’m listening to this.

5.) Chocolate muffins – This is a given. I’m sure I’ve posted about my love for muffins before, but I ate one for breakfast and I’m still thinking about it.

6.) Love146 – It’s an organization geared toward the abolition of human trafficking. I’m a taskforce member in my city, and we’ve been working on organizing a fundraising event. It’s on Saturday, and I’m so exciting all of this hard work is amounting to something.

What have you been loving lately?