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This weekend we hosted a grand scavenger hunt in the down town area of the city. It was a sunny Saturday afternoon. People donned their best costumes.

Play Rock Paper Scissors with a stranger

Play Rock Paper Scissors with a stranger

After months and months of planning and advertising, it’s safe to say it was a success! We had over 20 teams of people running around all afternoon trying to cross off as many tasks as they could. It was madness, but it was so much fun. Although I didn’t personally get to run around (I was busy judging the photos being sent in), I must say it looked like everyone was having a blast.

image (19)

Hug an old lady.

image (14)

Propose to someone.










A lot of the tasks involved approaching strangers, which can be a daunting enough task, but we also have a language barrier here. Sure, foreigners can speak enough Korean to get by and most Koreans have at least a few years of English learning under their belts.

image (18)

Stand behind the counter of a restaurant.


But really, how do you explain “Excuse me random stranger. I know I am dressed in an absurd costume and I may look scary, but would you please assist me in this charity scavenger hunt by posing in a specific photo with me? It’ll only take a few minutes.” Especially when your Korean is pretty much limited to “More beer please!” and the area is bustling with very busy people.

image (17)

Stand behind a matching couple.

image (15)

Arm wrestle a bakery employee.

 Long story short, I was amazed at the amount of simply hilarious photos we received. It really goes to show how good natured the citizens here are, especially in the face of a bunch of crazy foreigners.

Win a wheelbarrow race.

I decided to share some of my favorites here. They were all launched upon unsuspecting Koreans.

Stand between a couple wearing matching outfits.

Stand between a couple wearing matching outfits.

In a city of about 2.5 million, in a culture where people are constantly on the go, sometimes it’s hard to stop and take a moment to simply laugh. Well, there was an awful lot of laughing going on. From students and soldiers to adults and the elderly, everyone stopped to take part in the hunt.

Kiss someone on the cheek.

Kiss someone on the cheek.

Naturally, there was a rather large raffle, and the winning teams received prizes generously donated by local businesses. And everyone had a great time supporting a cause that is near and dear to us. Here’s to a successful event for Love146!

Hug an old man.