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I’m currently dreaming of a hot mug of coffee, creamy and slightly sweet. It’s like 88 degrees with nine thousand percent humidity. Okay, fine. I’d even settle with an iced coffee. Hazelnut. Oh, now we’re onto something.


Once upon a time, I really enjoyed my daily coffee ritual. It was relatively simple – hot coffee in the winter, iced for the rest of the year. Always milk or preferably, cream. Sometimes sugar.

I stopped drinking coffee regularly last year when I moved countries. It wasn’t for lack of abundance, as I swear there are more coffee shops than people. But, it just became inconvenient. Coffee shops didn’t open until 9 (so no chance of a pre-work fix) and coffee is just … absent in coffee shops. Five dollar Americanos, yes. Drip coffee, no. I found that I just didn’t care for espresso and water, so I just decided to go without.

This morning's brew of the day.

This morning’s brew of the day.

Let me tell you, it’s a lonely life without coffee. Since my remaining options are basically instant powder or pay 25 dollars for a pound of Starbucks Blend, I’ve resorted to bottled sugar water. It does its job, but it’s like eating a Weight Watchers cookie instead of a Tiramisu. Minus the low calorie bit. I’m not making any sense. Someone send me coffee please.