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A meal is not a meal without dessert. I always like to finish up with a sweet component as I think it rounds everything out. For me, dessert isn’t a ‘once in a while’ treat. 

In my mind there are two kinds of desserts. There’s light and refreshing (think sorbet, vanilla or some other light flavored ice cream and other fruity sweets) and there’s rich and indulgent  (think rich chocolate fudge or cake or creme brulee). Obviously, I tend to favor the latter category.

IMG_1603During the summer months, however, I tendto crave the lighter desserts. It’s so hot and humid that a rich decadent I-could-die-happily-after-this cake is just not as appealing. So during the more sweltering days, I tend to eat a lot of fruit and a lot of ice cream. 

This week, I went to a cafe called Sol Bing, and I had the best bingsu I’ve ever had. It was ice shaved incredibly fine topped with yogurt and sweet berries. It’s an incredibly light dessert, and it’s so cold and refreshing that it’s perfect for these unbearably hot summer days. I think I’ve found my new go to summer spot.


I would have eaten this entire mountain alone. But don’t worry, I totally shared with a friend.

In America, I tend to live off of frozen yogurt, and it’s probably one of the things I miss the most. (Aside from bagels, cheese, and sandwiches) What are your favorite summer treats? How often do you eat in dessert?