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When it comes to music, it’s often a struggle to get me to listen to something new. I tend to love a song deeply, listen to it over and over, get tired of it and stop listening, and then months or years later rediscover it and love it all over again. 


A few of my friends and I would make mix CD’s for each other and exchange them, at first in person (in high school) and later by mail (in university). Yes, CD’s! It was a fun way of giving and receiving something physical, and not knowing what would play next. This is how I learned to love music from the likes of The Fratellis, Rocky Votolato, Trevor Hall, and Passion Pit. 

Before I moved to Korea, going to concerts was a much loved hobby of mine. Living less than 20 minutes from Manhattan worked to my advantage, and often times my friends and I would pile into a car and head to Philadelphia, Rhode Island, Connecticut, and Upstate New York. We even trekked to Tennessee one year for Bonnaroo, It was a fun social activity and a means to discovering new music, not to mention the experience of hearing music in those settings. 644196_10200248480758001_1548284177_n

For the most part, Western bands don’t travel through Korea very often. I was lucky enough to catch a Ra Ra Riot show a few months ago, and last year went to Ansan Valley Rock Music Festival (which was cancelled this year), and every once and a great while a friend will recommend a band (last year it was Alt-J). However, these days I’ve been tasked with discovering new music on my own.


Lately, I’ve really been loving Laura Marling. She’s incredibly talented and such a darling. Honestly, before I started listening to her own work, I only knew her from Noah & the Whale, the song The Water which she did with Johnny Flynn, and her past relationship with the lead singer from Mumford and Sons. I’m so glad I finally got to listen to her as I think she’s brilliant. I’m currently listening to a live version of I Was An Eagle.


I can still remember watching the sunset over the Manhattan skyline here. It was magical.


What music are you loving lately? I’m constantly looking for recommendations.