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I said in my last post that I’ve been laying off the makeup while my skin cleared up. Well, it worked! My skin is finally back to normal, and I’ve started my usual makeup routine again. It’s a fairly simple process, and takes me less than 5 minutes to do in the morning.

While my routine is quick and easy, I do experiment with different brands and products. I like trying out different textures from creams to liquids to powders, and I generally switch things up every few months. Here are 5 of the products that I currently use.


IMG_1976Makeup Forever HD Foundation – I really like this liquid foundation, and this is the second bottle I’ve gone through. That’s saying a lot because I only use a small amount so a bottle will last me a long while. I don’t remember when I bought this foundation first. I remember buying one of the lipsticks and not really liking it and being surprised by how much I liked the foundation. It goes on really evenly, and since foundation is the product I use the most, that’s really important for me.

Bobbi Brown BB Cream – This BB Cream I threw into my basket on a whim. Living in Korea, I’ve always been tempted to try out BB Cream as it’s wildly popular here. However, I’ve been told most skincare and makeup products contain bleach and are advertised as ‘whitening’. While I’ve never confirmed this personally, it’s not really a chance I’d like to take. So, while I was in America, I grabbed a tube. I got this one in Dark, which is a few shades too dark for my skin. I planned on using it to darken other foundations because it is quite thick. During the summer, I like to mix the Makeup Forever foundation and the Bobbi Brown BB Cream to an appropriate shade as I usually get darker as the summer goes on. It’s worked out really well!

Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse – This product is a kind of a blast from the past for me. I remember really liking this product in high school, but then it became ‘cooler’ to use more name brand cosmetics like MAC. When I was browsing through a Boots in Ireland, I saw this product and had to buy it. It’s really light, and I like how I can easily spread it across my face using my (clean!) fingers. Since the summer has ended and I really haven’t gotten incredibly tan, I can use this color during the fall and into the winter if I want.

Bare Minerals Warmth– This is a product that I use quite rarely. Usually if I’m going out at night, I’ll dust a small amount across my entire face. I just find it adds a little extra something. Way back in the day, I purchased an entire set of Bare Minerals makeup. I wanted to try out powders instead of liquid, and I remember liking the products. However, I do prefer using mousses or liquids over powders. It’s just … to light? Anyway, I really liked the way Warmth elevated the look, and so I keep buying it for special occasions .

Bare Minerals Mineral Veil – I really love this product! I always give myself a fine dusting after I apply foundation. Always start with a primer and end with a veil. It just adds a finishing touch. I find that if I use too much it makes me look .. shimmery, but I usually tend to just give it a single swish across my face. I think I go between Original and Illuminating, and I do like them both equally.


So these are my top 5 favorites currently for my face. My personal preference for makeup has always been simple. Bold colors on the eyes or lips have always made me feel less confident, and so I take great stock in finding simple products that I love.